Soul Dance: Friday Evening Session

Soul Dance is a substantive relationship workshop that will enable you to: * Create a level of self awareness regarding your beliefs about the ideal relationship, and help you realize how they are a source of self defeating frustration. * See the masculine-feminine dance in love, recognize that we all have both aspects of consciousness within us, and embrace either as the moment demands * Understand (with apologies to Jerry McGuire) that no one can complete you, and that the Law of Attraction brings to you people who help you see your beliefs about your deficiencies. * Experience and integrate the understanding that the real purpose of relationships is for your soul to evolve and know itself, not for your ego to fulfill its fantasies. * Realize that what you really yearn for is deep connection with other human beings and spirit, and to be present and real in a way that allows your heart to both authentically touch and be touched. * Attract a partner who will play with you at the depth that you are willing and able to play.
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